Organizational values

The Values are an inseparable element of developing the high engagement culture in the Company and an important tool supporting the effective attainment of its strategic objectives. The organizational values of FFiL Śnieżka SA constitute its DNA, - set the rules for its operations and the foundations for behaviour at all levels of the organization, while supporting the achievement of ambitious business goals. The organizational values are implemented at the Group companies.

Our organizational values:

  • Customer focus – the customer and their satisfaction is the basis of our actions.
  • Strategic outlook – we are building a long-term outlook to the company’s development based on an ambitious strategy and risk taken wisely.
  • Innovation – we continue to seek inspiration to enrich our portfolio of products and methods
  • People – we are deeply convinced that people are our most valuable resources.
  • Cooperation, respect and trust – for us, cooperation, respect and trust form the basis of our synergies and operation of the company as a whole.
  • Responsibility and commitment – as Employees, we take personal responsibility for our actions and how they are undertaken
  • Business efficiency – is the overriding criterion for our activity.

At the Company, the organizational values constitute a document which strictly set out the manner of task performance by all employees regardless of their position. The contents of the Book of Organizational Values, directly upon formulation, served as the basis of workshops conducted in all of the Company divisions. Specific conducts have been adopted, indicating in what way should the values be complied with at various units of the organization, at specific positions. Such guidance is also used as supporting documentation at the time of regular employee evaluation. The employee respect for the specific values, with reference to both internal and external stakeholders, is the core element of such assessment.

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