Awards and distinctions for the Śnieżka Group in 2019

In the reporting period, the Group or its companies received numerous awards and distinctions. They were presented in four categories: corporate, regional and local, awards for company publications, prizes for the Group companies.

Corporate awards

  • The list of 500 by “Rzeczpospolita” daily

    The list of 500 is a prestigious ranking of the largest Polish enterprises, prepared by the editors of the “Rzeczpospolita” daily. The ranking is based on annual sales revenues of the largest companies in Poland. In the last edition of the list, published in 2019, Śnieżka took 442 place, going up by five points compared to the previous year. The total list includes 141 companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, which reported a total of PLN 665 billion in revenues.

  • The list of 2000 by “Rzeczpospolita” daily

    The list of 2000 is a list of the largest Polish companies from various branches of the economy. In the last edition of the ranking, Śnieżka was found on 739th position. The record-breaking sales revenues generated in 2018 as well as the level of profit and achieved profitability contributed to this. At the consolidated level, the net profit in 2018 amounted to PLN 63.4 million, and the net profit margin increased to 10.8%.

  • 25 top manufacturers of paints and varnishes in Europe according to „European Coatings”

    Śnieżka was ranked 24th on the list of the largest companies in the paints and varnishes sector in Europe in 2019, prepared by the "European Coatings" magazine (Vincentz Network publishing house - being the only representative of the Central and Eastern part of the continent. The ranking is prepared on the basis of annual sales results.

  • Ranking of the 200 largest Polish companies by „Wprost” weekly

    Śnieżka was ranked 190th on the list of the 200 largest private companies in Poland, prepared by the editors of the Wprost weekly. The list includes only companies controlled by Polish private entrepreneurs, the State Treasury or municipal property, and the ranking position is determined by the value of sales revenues, profits, assets or equity.

  • Ranking of the largest Polish private companies by the Forbes magazine

    The Forbes ranking has been prepared since 2016 and presents the most valuable companies in Poland. It includes both companies listed and non-listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The position of the ranking is determined by the value of the company, which this time for Śnieżka was calculated at PLN 886 million, which ensured it 88th place on the list. To be found among the most valuable companies in Poland, the threshold of PLN 788 million had to be reached.

  • A list of the largest Polish private investors abroad by the Forbes magazine

    A list of the largest private companies successfully building their business abroad is the latest initiative of the Forbes magazine. The position in the ranking relies on the value of assets located outside Poland. The ranking does not include revenues from export activities conducted from Poland. Among 25 companies, Śnieżka was found on the 24th position, which currently has 7 facilities producing paints, varnishes and putties. Four of them are located in Poland (in Brzeźnica, Lubzina, Pustków in the Sub-Carpathian province and in Radom), and three abroad: in Hungary (Bócsa), Ukraine (Yavoriv) and Belarus (Zhodino near Minsk). Śnieżka has been successfully building its foreign capital for over 20 years.

  • Employer Branding Excellence Awards 2019

    The website - combining image and recruitment functions - won a distinction in the VIII edition of the nationwide Employer Branding Excellence Awards 2019 in the category "Page / Career Tag / Landing page". The purpose of the entire undertaking is to demonstrate the best Employer Branding practices in Poland. Not only does the Śnieżka's website present current job offers, but also approximates company’s profile or organizational values. The site consists of several thematic sections based on video, animations, photos and graphics, in which the main role is played by Śnieżka’s employees - Project Ambassadors.

  • 1000 largest companies in Poland

    For several years, the editors of "Gazeta Finansowa" have been preparing a list of the largest companies in Poland. Śnieżka was also on the list, which advanced by 19 points compared to the previous year, taking 472 place. Enterprises are classified based on the volume of sales revenues generated in the previous year.

Regional and local awards

  • Economic Award of the Sub-Carpathian Province 2019

    In the last edition of the competition, which was attended by 155 companies, Śnieżka won the statuette in the category of large enterprises. Economic Award of the Sub-Carpathian Province is a competition which is participated by micro, small, medium and large enterprises conducting business activity in the Sub-Carpathian Province for at least two years. The jury awards prizes to the best and the most dynamically developing enterprises in the region, and when selecting the winners, the following criteria are taken into account: sales volume, value of local investments, innovation, employment and care for employees, rapport with contractors, environmental impact and local community activities.

Prizes for company publications

  • Power of Content Marketing Awards

    Power of Content Marketing Awards is a competition organized by the association - Content Marketing Polska. Its purpose is to promote high standards in creating content marketing projects. During the award ceremony, which was held on May 29, 2019 in Warsaw, Śnieżka was awarded three times. The gold and silver statuette was won by Dekoratorium, and the bronze - by the “In Color” quarterly. The Dekoratorium site won awards in the category "construction industry / home & garden" (for transparency and substantive response to the needs of recipients) and in the category "thematic portal for customers" (for inspirational advice). In turn, the In Colour quarterly was awarded the bronze statuette in the category "magazine for employees, circulation up to 1000 copies" - for high editing level.

Awards for Group companies

  • CSR Hungary Award 2019 for Poli-Farbe

    On December 6, 2019, the Kreative awards were handed out in Budapest. The Hungarian company Poli-Farbe won one of them in the category of "Common Matters - Joint Responsibility" for activities in the field of corporate social responsibility.

  • Award for Poli-Farbe in the Hipnózis competition

    The advert of Poli-Farbe’s matt latex paint won a bronze statuette in the Hipnózis competition - one of the first and most prestigious creative advertising competitions in Hungary, evaluated by the worldwide jury. The aim of the competition is to promote and reward creativity, as well as to raise people's awareness of creative agencies, while supporting them in gaining greater recognition.

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