About us

The Śnieżka Group is made up of entities operating on the paints and varnishes market. In modern production facilities of the Group located in four countries - in Poland, Hungary, Ukraine and Belarus approximately 190 million kg (estimated value, taking into account the Group's expansion by Poli-Farbe) of various types of construction chemicals are manufactured both on the domestic and foreign markets.

What makes us diffrent?

The Group's products are intended for decorating and protecting various types of substrates. At the end of 2019, the Group employed 1,377 employees - detailed information on this subject is presented in item 3.3.1 herein.

The Śnieżka Group is the leader on the paints and varnishes market in Poland in the segment of decorative products, one of the largest players of decorative paints in Hungary, one of the leaders in the segment of paints in Ukraine, as well as one of the leading manufacturers of putties in Belarus. The Śnieżka Group is classified among the 25 largest paint manufacturers in Europe (according to the European Coatings magazine), being at the same time the only representative of the industry in the central-eastern part of the continent

Through the work of highly-qualified employees and cooperation with reputable international raw material suppliers, the Group develops innovative solutions, guaranteeing the top quality of its products. By keeping track of global interior design trends and cooperating with recognized Polish designers and architects, the Group is able to offer top quality products with a broad choice of colours, providing inspiration for customers in a few dozen export countries. The Group consists of: Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka SA (parent company) and its subsidiaries.

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