Strategy, vision and mission

The strategic goals of the Śnieżka Group are focused on expanding its operations to new European and non-European markets, while maintaining the leading position on the Eastern markets, with Poland being the key market. The Group intends to achieve this objective by focusing on selected countries of the Central and Eastern Europe and building a leading position in the sector of decorative paints on the four key markets: Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Belarusian. For the Group, the assessment of the above mentioned markets as prospective is the basis for the development a long-term presence strategy for those regions.

Group assumes that those goals will be realized while taking into account the following assumptions:

  • maintaining the image of an attractive and reliable partner for both suppliers and customers of the Group, competing through innovation and flexibility defined, inter alia, as development of R&D, building quality advantage and high embrace to changes;
  • developing multi-channel sales, including focus on in-depth customer segmentation and on the development of a competitive value offering for the customers;
  • competing through competence: promoting employee growth and building the high value of human capital.

The Group intends to improve its market potential by acquiring new sales markets and continuing to develop the portfolio of the following brands: Śnieżka, Magnat, Vidaron, Foveo-Tech, Beston and Rafil. In addition, following the expansion of the Group in May 2019, it is planned to develop the portfolio of brands comprising Poli-Farbe Vegyipari Kft. (Poli-Farbe, Platinium, Intaller, Cellkolor and Boróka),
Within the framework of its development strategy, the Group is interested in organic growth but also growth through equity investments. The Management Board of the parent company has set a goal to build strong and permanent relations both with its trading partners, employees, shareholders and consumers. The Group will continue to support its trading partners, distributors and retailers in terms of information, marketing and training, by developing for them a competitive value offer.
Sustainable growth consistent with the adopted strategy ought to allow the Śnieżka Group to achieve the leading position on its key markets. The Company’s Management Board stipulates that it cannot be ruled out that the COVID-19 disease pandemic, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and its effects - unpredictable at the time of preparing the Group's annual report for 2019 - may in the future necessitate changes or total review of the strategy and strategic objectives of the Company and the Group.
The Group’s strategic goals for the coming years are described in item 2.2 herein.

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